In February 2024 we’ve changed our Instagram name from @vw.bullis to @volksvania – everything else stays the same!

More than 19k followers on can’t be wrong!

We are just a few VW Bulli drivers from Germany and created @VolkVania on Instagram to share your great content. It’s free of charge!

You can be part of it too! How to do it? It’s simple:

Follow „@volksvania“ and
tag us „@volksvania“ in your picture or video or
tag us as a co-author.

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Cooperation ?

If you are interested in an cooperation, please send us a DM.
We offer:

  • User generated content
    and / or
  • Influencer content

as „Barter-Deals“.
We are happy to answer your questions!

We’ll do that… – and a (possible) result 5 days later…

Optimized #hashtags and posting time = high range
= more follower and much more traffic for the creator of the original posting….

Another example (co-author for posting)…